ONLY YOURx Chemical Peels

Monday, March 07, 2011 Posted by Matt

Sometimes clients have skin issues which standard skin treatments cannot address.

When this is the case we look towards a more progressive but not aggressive approach, which is the chemical skin peel route.

The peels I use are from an American company called OnlyYourx.

The peels contain ingredients such as glycolic and lactic acids and other fruit based acids to deeply exfoliate and resurface the skin.

A thorough consultation is compulsory beforehand to ascertain the exact needs of your skin and to carry out a patch test on any clients with a reactive response to products.

The range is designed to improve wrinkles, sunspots, acne, rosacea, pigmentation, scarring, ingrown hairs and the consultation will identify these needs and give me the information to decide which peel combination will be the most effective.

Your fist peel will be weaker than the rest of the peels in your treatment course, to ensure that your skin is tolerant to the cosmeceutical grades of ingredients used.

The treatment lasts 30 minutes and doesn't require you to undress at all.

  • The skin will be thoroughly cleansed to remove make up and debris on the skin.
  • An enzyme based exfoliant will first be applied  to acclimatise your skin to the exfoliation products being used.
  • A de-greasing product will be applied to remove any residual matter on your skin.
  • The main peel product will be applied to your skin and allowed to work.
  • Once the peel has done its work and been thoroughly removed, your skin will be toned, moisturised and thoroughly protected with SPF25.

You may experience tingling with the peel which is completely normal and a reddening of the skin, however these aren't extreme and you will experience no 'down time' from the treatment.
Most people can return back to work afterwards.

As the skin starts to repair itself from the exfoliation process the client will see a marked improvement from the 4 day onwards.
The skin will look brighter and have more of a glow, fine lines will look reduced, any pigmentation will look lighter and other issues you had will have improved.

With this type of treatment, it is suggested to have weekly peels to really address the issues and reboot the skin.  Once the issues are resolved to a level of satisfaction then the peels will only be needed to maintain the effects, or general skin health treatments may be advised from there on.
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